Cortez Andre Crawley (born June 20, 1995), known professionally simply as Cortez Andre, is an American actor, director and writer, and is the one of Cyberstars Entertainment's Board of Directors. He is one of the creators of Cyberstars, as well as the creator of Tez TV.

As an actor, he portrayed the main antagonist Switchblade in the Graffiti series, and is one of the original cast of Cyberstars alongside David Ragin and Demonte Thompson.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cortez was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1995. He has three sisters: Alyssa, Alieya and Alexis.

He began acting professionally in 2012, and shortly after joined the Creative Arts Spirit of Excellence (CASOE) Group along with his sisters. Through CASOE, he would meet David Ragin, Demonte Thompson, Christian Parker, Johnny Docs and Jovante Gray.

In 2015, Andre, Ragin and Thompson would create Cyberstars, and bring on Ragin's longtime friend DK Williams, fellow CASOE member Christian Parker, and Andre's sister Alyssa to form the original cast of Cyberstars, with Cortez acting as the main writer for the group.

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