Cyberstars Entertainment, LLC is an American production company, founded by David Ragin, notable for the Graffiti superhero series and Cyberstars, a sketch comedy show distributed through YouTube.

The main staff of Cyberstars Entertainment, known collectively as the Board of Directors, are David Ragin, Cortez Andre, DK Williams, Johnny Docs, Alyssa Crawley, Jovante Gray, Indiana Rose and Jay Creech.

Productions[edit | edit source]

The Graffiti series (2013 - 2017)[edit | edit source]

Graffiti is a superhero franchise created by David Ragin. The series follows Dylan Johnson, a superhero fanatic and aficionado, who learns that he is a superhuman with the ability to teleport.

The series initialized with the first Graffiti film, Graffiti: Dreams and Knightmares, released in 2013. It was followed by two more films, Graffiti: Welcome to Foxworth Enterprises in 2015, and Graffiti: Heroes and Villains in 2017.

Despite being released under the unofficial "Ragin Productions", it was later revised as an official Cyberstars Entertainment production.

Cyberstars (2015 - present)[edit | edit source]

Cyberstars (also known as Cyberstars: The Series, and Cyberstars Detroit for the second season) is an American live-action, sketch comedy-variety show created by David Ragin, Cortez Andre and Demonte Thompson. Set halfway in reality, the series follows a group of friends and their many adventures trying to become famous, portrayed through sketches and films.

The series initially starred Ragin, Andre and Thompson, alongside fellow actors Alyssa Crawley, DK Williams, Christian Parker, and later on, Johnny Docs, and the cast eventually expanded to include Jovante Gray, B Cyde, Ashley McClellan, Jay Creech and Indiana Rose.

Filmed in Michigan, the series is aimed at a wide range audience ranging anywhere from thirteen years of age to grown adults. The series premiered in December 2015, and began airing regularly in January until September 2017. The series made it's long-awaited return in 2019, airing regularly through YouTube and various other social media platforms.

Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Imagine That 313 Productions[edit | edit source]

Imagine That 313 Productions is the production company founded by Cortez Andre. Imagine That acts as an ongoing side-project during CSE's production period, as well as a recruitment for actors and models for various productions. The company is most notable for Tez TV, and is currently in production on Andre's first full length film Look Out for a Brother.

Mad Hail Film Productions[edit | edit source]

Mad Hail Films Productions is the production company founded by Indiana Rose. Mad Hail, along with 3:13 Media Productions, act as the outsources for CSE's photography. The company is currently production of various films, including Cardinal High of the Dead, Feel Better, and Wines, Funerals and Sympathy.

3:13 Media Productions[edit | edit source]

3:13 Media Productions is the production company founded by Jovante Gray. 3:13, along with Mad Hail Film Productions, act as the outsources for CSE's photography.

Creech Records[edit | edit source]

Creech Records is the record label founded by Jay Creech. Established for distribution purposes, Creech is the outsource for the majority, but not all, of CSE's music and score.

LyonSage Entertainment[edit | edit source]

LyonSage Entertainment is an animation studio founded by Dominique Lyons. LyonSage is the outsource for animation.

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