India Jackson (born June 13, 1992), known professionally as Indiana Rose and I.R. Jackson, is an American actress, writer, director and photographer, and is one of the Board of Directors of Cyberstars Entertainment.

As an actress, she made her debut in the second season of Cyberstars.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Indiana Rose is an African-Native American of German descent. She began a career of performing arts at the age of 5, and has done over 50 theatrical productions and 20 indie films. Her stage name, Indiana Rose, was inspired by Indiana Jones, in relation to her adventurous, risky and ambitious attitude, and her favorite flower.

Outside of Cyberstars Entertainment, Indiana owns three individual companies: Mad Rave Photography, MDHaileyPunkie (which later became Mad Hail Film Productions), and I.Rose Game Raider Clothing Co., in association to her Gamers Blog. She is also known for playing Keisha Moore in Tony Tale's Papers film series, and has made frequent appearances on Tez TV.

She is currently working on many other films, notably her feature-length debut Cardinal High of the Dead.

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